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You can always make more moneyGone are the days when travel agents booked a vacation and then you didn’t hear from them again. These days you should consider them more like financial advisors. Just as you wouldn’t invest a lot of money without one, why would you invest a lot of money into a vacation without a travel advisor?


Let’s face it, we are all busy. Because your time is valuable, you can’t afford to waste it by spending hours on-line booking a vacation. You could spend hours, days or months checking websites for airlines, hotels, restaurants and fun things to do at your destination. And that’s if you are lucky enough not to have to call any of these places. If you do, you could fritter away more time waiting on hold to purchase airlines tickets, getting the best tickets to a show or a table at the best restaurant. Is this really how you want to spend your time? Don’t waste your time! Just hire a travel advisor!

  • Your travel advisor is an expert on all things travel. They will be the ones to sit on the phone for hours for you. Since they know you, they can focus on exactly what you want to do and see while on vacation. They will get it done quicker than you can.


Unlike financial advisors, travel advisors do not usually make commissions off of their clients. They are reimbursed by their suppliers such as the airlines and hotels. You may think that you are getting a deal on those bargain travel websites, but are you really? Here’s what a great travel advisor can get you:

  • Free room upgrades, spa credits, food and beverages, just to name a few!


Well, you’ve arrived at the island destination that your travel advisor planned but things are going wrong fast. It looks like there is a bad storm coming and you have to get off the island quick. This is still your vacation, right? Do you really want to stress about how to get home? Why waste all that energy when your travel advisor can do it for you!

  • A great travel advisor will get on the phone with the airlines, and do everything they can to make sure that you continue to have a stress-free, albeit, shorter vacation.

So make your next vacation time well-spent, worth the money you paid and the most relaxing you have ever had, all because you had a travel advisor plan the whole thing!