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Adventures By Disney, San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

“But there’s more…” When you book an Adventures by Disney package that is what you get, more! When I began my career as a travel agent several years ago, one of the things that drew me to Disney was their attention to detail. This is exactly how I approach customer service with my clients. I try to give them the best service possible, without forgetting a detail and always adding more than my clients realize they need. Having said that, after completing an Adventures by Disney trip, I realized there are so many things I can still learn from the house that Disney built. This trip did not lack for anything!

Even before you leave for your Adventures by Disney trip, they do not disappoint. Here’s what I received in the mail before my adventure on a long weekend to San Francisco:

  1. Laundry bag
  2. Travel bag
  3. Guide book – Explains what you need to pack, gratuity envelopes, itinerary etc.
  4. Luggage tags and belt
  5. Documents holder

What is Adventures by Disney?

For those of you not familiar with Adventures by Disney, let’s spend a little time getting familiar. There are adventures in many parts of the world, including Australia, China, Vietnam, Egypt, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Europe and of course, the United States. There are Disney Cruise line packages as well as river cruises, at many of these destinations as well.   

For all of the adventures, there is a minimum age as well as a suggested age for children. So if you are expecting these adventures to be filled with Disney characters, don’t count on it. That’s what the Disney parks are for! There are some adventures that are exclusively for adults, if that is the type of vacation you are looking for. There are never more than 40 people on an adventure, and there will always be 2 travel guides, one who is native to the destination and the other who can speak the main language of the group. There are long weekend adventures in the United States and then there are longer adventures in faraway destinations. With Disney’s attention to detail, there is always insider access on every adventure that only Disney can make possible! Dining and hotels are only the best. Travel to different locales throughout the adventure is never a problem. It’s all signature Disney.

My adventure in San Francisco

In August, I had the opportunity to experience the Adventures by Disney long weekend to San Francisco. For every Adventures by Disney trip, notice the story or theme because it is always there. For this trip, the theme is “Golden Gate Galore.” It may be a good idea, if you live on the East Coast, to arrive the night before. The group meets on the first day at 8 A.M. for breakfast in a private room, with full windows on 3 of the 4 sides, at the top of the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel (it’s the same hotel that was used in the T.V. show “Hotel,” for those of you old enough to remember). The panoramic views of San Francisco and beyond are spectacular! And this is how an Adventures by Disney vacation begins.

Adventures By Disney, San Francisco - Fairmont Hotel

On the first day of the adventure, there was a bike tour around San Francisco, which not all travelers had to participate in. If someone did not want to ride, or was unable, there was a trolley to take them to the next stop. There were stories about the Golden Gate Bridge, including the color (you will have to take the trip to find out the name!) The restaurant including M.Y. China had fabulous food for lunch. During the afternoon we were able to explore San Francisco on our own. In the evening, dinner was at the Waterbar for seafood and other regional delights.

The next day, after breakfast on our own, we boarded a bus for the Napa Valley to Diane Disney Miller’s Silverado Winery. As you can imagine, this was a favorite stop for the adults. Those under the legal drinking age enjoyed crafts and other fun activities. Lucky for us, we arrived on harvest day which is only once a year. It was such an amazing experience. After the winery tour, the bus drove us to Muir Woods which was a much more enjoyable part of the day for the young people.

The next day, there was an excursion to Angel Island, the “Ellis Island of the West” since Asian immigrants came into the United States here. Here’s a bit of trivia I learned on this trip: A Disney animator, Tyrus Young, who worked on “Bambi,” immigrated to the U.S. through Angel Island. He is now 104 years old and lives in the Bay area. After lunch on Angel Island, we headed back to San Francisco for a privately guided tour of Lucasfilms, which is located within the Presidio. This was an exclusive stop since no other tour groups are allowed into Lucasfilms. The next museum stop was the Walt Disney Family Museum which, for me, was very special! It is all about Walt Disney’s life and how he became the icon he is today. Later, we had our farewell dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in the city, One Market.

For four days and three nights, you are guided on your adventure by the best that Disney has to offer. As a travel agent, I could not have planned a better trip and, I will be honest, it would have cost a lot more. I would not have been able to get my clients the access that only Disney can get for its guests. You certainly get your money’s worth when you travel on an Adventures by Disney trip!  For more information on how to book this adventure, please contact me by requesting a quote.